Scanning through VPN/Remote Desktop

By OLau ·

I've a user that works from home on an old Laptop connected locally to a HP9110AiO printer.

To connect to our network, she uses VPN.
Once on the network, she uses a Remote Desktop connection to a Virtual Machine.

What I'm trying to accomplish is to allow her to scan from the VM using her HP9110. The printer is showing fine, however I can't seem to get the scanner working.

Is it even possible to achieve this?

Thanks a bunch.

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Boy that's more complicated than I would make it

by CG IT In reply to Scanning through VPN/Remo ...

The vpn connection is to where? an endpoint,After the VPN connection is made, what then? remote desktops to a workstation what is running under virtual machine? then what? she wants to use the scanner connected to her laptop at home that is being used for VPN to the network which then is a remote desktop to a virtual machine computer?

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I think I know what you want to do

by tmalo627 In reply to Boy that's more complicat ...

If I am correctly reading what you are trying to accomplish, I would create a share on the virtual machine your user is connecting to. Then from her home computer map a drive to that share. Finally set the default save location of her scanning software to that mapped drive.

Hope this helps.

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RDP settings

by Nimmo In reply to Scanning through VPN/Remo ...

I don't know if I have read this right but what I think you need to do is to configure on her RDP connection the ability to use local hdd and local printer on the network.


run>mstsc>options tab>local resources>check the printers setting>select more options>select her local drive.

She will then see her local C: under my computer when she has RDP'd into the computer and she will also be able to printer from the remote machine to her local printer.

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Remote desktop Scanner

by cricure In reply to Scanning through VPN/Remo ...

There is a one software that add support for mapint twain and wia scanner over remote desktop or terminal services.
We have 20 servers with this product.
TerminalWorks TSScan

Scan documents on terminal services using your local scanner

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Remote desktop Scanner/VPN

by orthohin In reply to Scanning through VPN/Remo ...

Tsscan software best solution for you. It's very easy and no driver need not install. To learn more please visit

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Scanner in RDP

by Nina Denial In reply to Scanning through VPN/Remo ...

There is no standart solution for this, but you can try scanner virtualization from FabulaTech. It allows redirecting scanners into RDP or Citrix session.

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TWAIN Scanner to RDP session

by rf_virtual In reply to Scanning through VPN/Remo ...

My company faced with the similar issue. We need to allow software in remote desktop environment scan from locally plugged scanners. What is more important there are two types of scanning software we use:
2) WIA
The second one requires WIA device and doesn't understand TWAIN.

I fond several programs on the web that allows to redirect scanner to remote Windows session. And there are a lot of pros and cons. for each program.
As for us, the most universal is Scanner for Remote Desktop

What is important it supports both TWAIN and WIA devices;
it works fine in both RDP and Citrix environments
and what is more important virtual scanners are isolated within owner's remote session.

I hope my note will be useful for you and you will at least save about 2 days while trying different programs.


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