By MGKaddoura ·
Hello all
as am working in abig engineering company,am always facing some scanning problems,the scanned documents always come to my emails as an attachement (document.pdf)where am unable to copy,save or open

can anybody give me any suggestions for this,taking into consideration that most of our scanners dont support the feature of changing the name of the attachement

by the way,changing the profile will solve the problem but i need the exact temp folder that should be cleared

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by Jesus_C In reply to Scanning

adobe reader.Save the attatchment to the desktop and open with adobe.

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I can't

by MGKaddoura In reply to download

i cannot even save

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A little more info needed....

by dawgit In reply to Scanning

I can only guess here that you want to use those files in your CAD or CAM program... Is that right? What are you useing for your CAD? There should be a file format exchange plug-in then for the CAD software. There are of course other software programs to convert the documents, but most do simple .pdf to word (.doc) and that won't help you much.
Like I said above, I suggest you visit the web-site of the maker of the CAD program you're useing, and get their document converter. -d

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by MGKaddoura In reply to A little more info needed ...

am sorry to say that it is not the CAD that making the problem
in the case of normal scanning,in case the scanned papers come to the mailbox with an attachment(am using Microsoft Outlook and windowsXP)the defualt is that the document will come as an attachement of name document.pdf where am unable to copy,open or even save

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in that case...

by dawgit In reply to CAD?

You're still confusing me. Who is doing the scanning? The sending? and then You (?) are getting the e-mail. Is that correct? When and where, the particular document is scaned, there must be on that computer (doing /acepting the scan) an program called OCR. That program is set at that computer, as to which file format the scanned document is filed and the sent. (.pdf from Adobe is one such format) That document is then picked out and sent in an e-mail to you. (is that correct?) And now you can't view it on your computer. (right?)
Ok, first, as the first poster has said, .pdf files can only (normally) be viewed in Adobe. (that is why he said to down-load the free viewer/reader from Adobe)
Does this happen only with one sourse of e-mails? or with all the e-mails you get from everyone?

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by MGKaddoura In reply to in that case...

i have a domain windows 2000 server where all client computers are windows XP with microsoft office 2003 SB Edition installed and also eschange server 2003
we have many photocopiers that are used for scanning papers.
lets discuss the following scenario,where one of the domain users scan one paper from the Konica Photocopier(7145 model)to his mailbox(to his email)by default this scanned paper will come as an attachemnt to his email in the default name(document.pdf)
where consequently he will be unable to open,save or copy this attachement
adobe reader and even writer is already installed on most of the machines
NOTE:1)he can open attachements(pdf) coming with emails (attached)but not with the name (document.pdf)
2)changing the profile of this user at his computer will solve the problem as if it seems that there is a temp location sothat after a certain number of scanned pdf files coming as document.pdf causes this problem

thanks and regards

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scan prob

by keirankent74 In reply to Scanning

if your using scanners with the ability to scan via smtp/pop 3 what about straight into a shared folder on the netwotk(smb)
this would be quicker and allow you tosend more docs at a time ?????

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