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the standby button on my pc is acting up, when i press to bootup it wont work, untill i have to turn the switch at back of my com of and on a few times before it boots up, please help.

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Sounds as if the Power Supply

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to ...

Is acting up. You could try pulling a cover off and cleaning out any rubbish that has built up inside the unit and blow out the Power Supply but stick a screwdriver in it to prevent the fan/s spinning and generating power as that can damage the unit. The same applies to things like Case & CPU Fans and any other fan that is in the case like a GPU Fan if there is one present.

But as a test I would get a Known Good Power Supply and plug it into the system you don't need to actually fit it but just be able to plug it in and see if the system starts normally. In some cases a PS can have taken a hit from the mains and not be working under full load like it is required to at start up. Occasionally you will get one that will work occasionally like 1 in 20 attempts to start or maybe less. If you disconnect power to the HDD and any Optical Drives that are fitted and the system starts working normally you know that you have a problem with the power supply. Of course it will not boot as there will be no OS available but if the starting procedure goes through the right steps that's what you are looking for.


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