SCCM 2007, when programs need serial number

By douglasemc ·
Good morning everyone,
I am trying to deploy a piece of software using SCCM 2007, I thought myself how to use it so I’m not really good at it yet (have the MS book)
I have successfully deployed software and updates before, but this is the first time I try to deploy something that need a serial key in the installation process. and I don’t know how to add the AK to the package.

any advice will be greatly appreciated



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by douglasemc In reply to SCCM 2007, when programs ...
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by Bizzo In reply to SCCM 2007, when programs ...

Sometimes you can create an installer package which includes the serial number, or you can repackage the application, so it doesn't ask for a serial number.

It all depends on what the application is.

If the application itself is an MSI, you may be able to create an admin install which doesn't require the serial, or if it's a InstallShield installation, you can create a response file which contains the serial. Or you may be able to have the serial number either in an ini file, or include it in the command line for executing the install.

I'm not familiar with SCCM, so I can't comment on how it works.

What application is it?

Or you may be able to search for the application here:

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What application is it

by douglasemc In reply to Depends

The app is called ApproveIT, it's a digital signature software, supposed to be public license, but when you purchase it, they give you a serial number so you can install it. it's not a MSI unfortunatelly.


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by Bizzo In reply to What application is it

If it comes as an executable, try running with a /r parameter. If it's installshield, it should create a setup.iss file (I think in the windows directory), you can then copy this to the installer directory, and run "setup.exe /s setup.iss", to run a silent install.

If the installer has an .ini file, you may be able to put the serial number in there, maybe with a tag "SerialNumber=".

Maybe you could get support from the writer of ApproveIT?

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