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By maecuff ·
When I'm feeling like things aren't going my way, I like to cheer myself by remembering that other's have it worse than me.

Here is an example. My day is definitely going better than this guy's. And because it's so humiliating, it's even more entertaining.

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:^0 :^0 <nt>

by jimmy-jam In reply to Schadenfreude
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I saw that

by maxwell edison In reply to Schadenfreude

In fact, the same day that happened, my son was also skiing in Vail and had a mishap of his own - nothing to do with losing his pants dangling from a chair lift, but rather involving a tree and a broken rib.

I think he'd rather have the broken rib.

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by maecuff In reply to I saw that

Sorry your son hurt himself!

Although, I agree. I'd rather suffer a broken rib if given the choice..

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by Jellimonsta In reply to Ouch..

I don't know... I hear a broken rib is pretty bad. ;\

He should have just gone down the slope pantless.

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I'd take the humiliation over the rib....

by JamesRL In reply to I saw that

...cause I could ski the next day after the humiliation. I might need to drown my sorrows for a night though.

I feel for the guy, worked at a ski resort for years, never saw anything that bad. But I'm happy it was him and not me...


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Now lets think about this for a minute Broken Rib or Humiliation?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I saw that

Well suffering from both over the years I have to say the Humiliation is always far less painless always faster to recover from and plain and simple doesn't HURT for a very long time after the event.

God given the chance I would ski naked down the Beginners slop while the Kids are being destructed into the ways of the snow rather than break another rib.

But maybe I'm missing something here this Guy's ski got caught in the Chair of the chair lift so how exactly did he loose his pants. I seem to remember skies being attached to Ski Boots which are fitted to feet not pants? Maybe there was something else going on here.

Now I have to ask everyone that gores to the snow exactly why do they have that long line up of Ambulances sitting at the bottom of the ski slops? Also why are there so many casts in evidence in the Bars at Ski Slopes? Or why do ski clothes feel as if they are made out of used Body Bag Material?

OH I know skiing is Bloody Dangerous and blood stains on the white stuff is off putting to the others there to enjoy the danger and possible injuries so they make the ski clothes out of material tougher than Old Body Bags to prevent any of the red stuff leaking out onto the white stuff.


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Now Thanks to the Internet

by road-dog In reply to Schadenfreude

We can all feel just a little bit better about our lot in life....

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that's it

by Jaqui In reply to Schadenfreude

I'm gonna have to hunt ya down mae.

That is just too funny.

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We need to crack down on that sort of exhibitionism!

by neilb@uk In reply to Schadenfreude

Butt what was he thinking of, showing his assets like that? He'll be the butt of the jokes from now on. Quick as a flash, in with the puns! Oh, I crack myself up sometimes!

Even when I'm being asinine.

Neil :)

C'mon, guys! don't get left behind...

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You know, I've heard that

by GSG In reply to We need to crack down on ...

weird things tend to happen during a full moon.

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