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    Schedule + Free Busy not replicated


    by m2web ·

    We have 3 sites which are suppose to be replicating Free/Busy info to each other’s site
    (each site is in a separate domain. All domains have 2 way trusts established and site
    connectors between each site/messaging and dir. sync is working fine). We have
    this problem in that sites B & C can view each other’s Free/busy but
    not site A’s, while site A can view Free/busy of all 3 sites. What’s odd is
    that while server A’s Free/Busy “Replicas tab” has both sites B & C chosen
    under “Replicate Folders to”, it doesn’t list any servers under the “Folder
    Replication Status” tab. When viewing the “Instances” tab in both B & C’s
    PubIS properties, they both list site A’s Free/Busy….but, when you view
    the Public Folder Resources tab it lists 0items and 0 K for site A’s
    Free/Busy, as if it’s creating a placeholder, but never populating it with
    the data. After upping the logging level for the Pub. I’ve noticed no
    outgoing messages from site A to site B or C, while site A receives
    incoming messages regularly from them. As a test, we created a new public
    folder on site A and replicated that to site B & C successfully and that did
    trigger MSExchangePubReplication Outgoing logs….but still no Site A
    Free/busy info replicated to sites B & C. Have also tried removing the
    replica instances in site B & C…waited until they cleared and dir. was
    sync’d, then retried replicating, again to no avail. MS has suggested a utility that will reset the ID number in Exchange’s Schema for Schedule+Free Busy but using this utility will wipe the entire data from everyones calender. We have calenders that have recurring schedules and can not be touched.
    Anyone has any idea?

    All running NT 4 sp6a, Ex 5.5 sp4
    All running Norton Antivirus 2.12 (build 59) with background scanning
    enabled and OpenRetryDelay value increased to DWord 5000 per Q270160

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