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Scheduled Backup for WinNT

By petalio ·
Hi Everybody:

I am doing a manual data backup everyday on Windows NT Server(Domain Controller) which there were times that those data were not backed up due to often travel for troubleshooting other issues in our international branches. I feel not comfortable leaving it like that. Also the very recent and updated data were not backup during my absence in the IT Room and I am afraid of it.

As of my worries, I run through the backup features of Windows NT and found no solution for a (scheduled) daily incremental backup. I thought of changing the Operating system (to Windows 2000) but it will cost some money and huge process of migration; simply saying: these results to DELAY OF OPERATION.

I must try to seek for an alternative before jumping off on buying a new product.

I need a solution on how to make a scheduled Backup under Windows NT (tape Drive).

Your technical assistance is highly appreciated.


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by djent In reply to Scheduled Backup for WinN ...

I use Veritas Backup Exec and am happy with it. Get a real backup application, it will be worth the money.

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by Konza In reply to Scheduled Backup for WinN ...

I can only echo djent on BackupExec. I have used this product for years. It works with multiple drives and on any type of media. It is extremely easy to configure and use in both full and incremental back-up mode. It saved my bacon on several occasions when I was unable to get the company to spring for a new hard drive until AFTER it failed. In fact it worked so well that the company policy became, "Let it fail. We have good back-ups."

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by djent In reply to Ditto

Your boss is either stupid or wreckless. I don't want to live that close to the edge. One day he will loose an important file because it was skiped on backup due to corruption and a new more conservative will be born. Murphy is alive and well.

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