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By dwightp ·
Good morning. Presently have Windows XP Home workstations that have NTI Backup NOW installed and set to run after regular office hours. Problem being when users log off Win XP back up fails to run as user not logged in. Is there a way to set the NTI Backup Now to run even though users have logged out of WinXP

Thanking you in advance for your assistance with this issue!

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by DouglasB In reply to Scheduled Backups

From your description I assume your server is going out to each work station and backing up files to the server? Can you have user critical files stored on your server, then back them up directly to the server instead of reaching out to each work station? I.E.; each user would have a home directory on the server to store their critical files.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Scheduled Backups

as i see it, no. i think this is happening because nti backup now is running as an application, not a service. an application will only run when a user is logged in. a service will run when the workstation is logged in or not. you will need a more WinXP 'aware' backup program such as the Backup built into XP (programs/System Tools/Backup) or maybe devise something with robocopy (from windows2003 resource kit free download) but how to burn a cd in the background is tough. maybe others know of something that will do it? i agree that centralized backup becomes a better and better idea as one contemplates the logistics...

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by Blackcurrant In reply to Scheduled Backups


Another option is to create a user account that the backup program runs under and make sure the account has appropriate rights to the folders/files you wish to backup.

Alternatively: I have not used the backup program you are using, but my backup program (Arcserve 2000) has the option to to login in to any workstation on the domain using any valid username I specify.

For example, I backup our accounts data every day. I configure the program to login with the username and password of the person that manages our accounts. The backup program then logs in every night, performs the backup of the specified folders, then logs out again.

Hope this helps

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by dwightp In reply to

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by dwightp In reply to Scheduled Backups

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