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Scheduled hours? flex time? comp time?

By mrcheese ·
I know everybody puts in a lot more time than their theoretical 40-hour week. But what I'm curious about is what are the scheduled starting and leaving times? Does your organization have flex time? Can you accumulate (tho maybe not actually use) comp time?

TIA for your inputs...

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Work Schedule

by WRCotton In reply to Scheduled hours? flex tim ...

My company does have flex time, so that makes the "scheduled starting and leaving times" somewhat moot. I guess you could say the base hours are 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM. We have one hour lunch.

Usually with flex hours, there are core times during the day, such as 10:00 - 3:00, when you must be here.

I think comp time is at the discretion of the supervisor. We don't keep close track of extra hours worked, but a supervisor knows that someone has been putting in extra time, and will allow them some comp time off.

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by clearsmashdrop In reply to Work Schedule

Our company's only mandatory policy is that everyone should strive to be on site, during the core hours of the day. 10am-4pm. ( not including lunch of course )

For my department in paticular ( IT ) because I support the desktops, Im expected tohave fairly standard hours. Right now, I come in 830-530 everyday. We promise support from 800-500pm so during those hours there is always someone from our departement here.

I myself am an hourly employee, so flex and comp time are not really relevant. But there have been times when I make a side agreement with my boss, if I stay late 4-5 hours a week, mabye every other friday, I might leave after a half day.

Usually, thought I just take the OT because its not excessive. 2-4 hours a week is average.

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Working Hours

by jay_2871 In reply to Hours

We currently have a schedule in place that has at least one individual on site regardless of experience or position. Everyone has set hours, mine happens to be 7:00am - 4:00pm, the manager is in a half hour before me and the junior admin is in an hour after me.

Being an hourly employee and of course working extra hours during the week it is usually an understanding with the boss that Fridays I leave early to make the time up.

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Thank God for Flex Time

by PeterST In reply to Scheduled hours? flex tim ...

I must be the luckiest IT worker on the planet.

Core times 9:30 - 3:30

other than that, you are expected to work 38 hours in the week, and are allowed to take one flex day off every 2 weeks (if you have built up enought time). So it works out I work from 7:30 till abot 4pm and get the day off for a long weekend.

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Need any web developers there?

by mrcheese In reply to Thank God for Flex Time

Sign me up, man!

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by schitzoid In reply to Scheduled hours? flex tim ...

at my site we have 5 guys who cover 24x7, 365.25 days a year. day shift 7-3 no lunch, swing 3-11 no lunch, graveyard 11-7 no lunch, always some on site. if someone lays off, the guy before his shift works another 4hrs late, guy from next shift comesin an extra 4hrs early. out of 21 shifts a week (3 shifts per day, 7 days a week) we have 4 shifts with two guys on duty.

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