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By Andy_Steadman ·
I manage 2 servers at a School. Both have tape drives to run nightly backups on, however they fail quite often.

I was looking for some suggestions as to an alternative solution. Note that as a School the budget is not large for this. Maximum ?500.


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by Brenton Keegan In reply to School Backup Solution

500 (pounds/euros?) isn't much. You can't even really buy a tape drive.

Ok, first off. I am assuming there is zero backup infrastructure. Is this true?

Secondly, how much data are we talking about?

What platforms are you running?

How many clients do you need to back up?

How often does data change?

If you had a more open budget I'd just tell you to buy a tape drive, some tapes and a backup scheduler and run a job every night and take the tapes home. Since your budget is so tight I need to know some more details so I can recommend some thing that will work within your budget.

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by brian In reply to Questions

Depending on the platforms of the servers and the ammount of data, one thing that may work for you is the built in windows backup utility (and assuming that SQL server is not running on any servers). This will save you on software costs, however may not be the best option. I will cost you however for external hard drives. It could work within your budget, however it may not be the best solution, answers to the above posted questions would be helpful in getting you the best solution for the best price!

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Perhaps a little NAS?

by scallau In reply to agree

Please, check the ReadyNAS solution form Netgear. They have different products for diferrent budgets...

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I don't think he was looking for file storage {nt}

by Brenton Keegan In reply to Perhaps a little NAS?
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Online Data Backup at ?250 per server per year (

by dave10x In reply to School Backup Solution

Go to we have been backing up schools for over 4 years now and run a reputable service in this area.

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