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School Final help!!! Block all network traffic EXCEPT VPN!

By Cazten ·
Hey guys. I need some help with a question i have here. I'm currently going to college and i got a final comming up soon. Basic idea is to secure a server 2003 computer and a file on it while the rest of the class tries to get into it.

Requirements- 1 team member can still access the server computer and obtain file.

Here enters my question/problem. My team tried setting up a basic firewall to block outside traffic, however for some reason if we enabled it it blocks all users from accessing or even seeing the server2003 computer, even when specifically allowing certain IP addresses to access it. Our biggest problem is the lack of time available to work out kinks on the school computer.

So enters my VPN idea. Basically i wanted to set up an easy VPN like hamachi (already have it on home computer). Run it on one team computer and server 2003 comp, then block ALL network traffic on the school network from entering. This way ONLY traffic available on the VPN can access my server, and the only computers with access to the encrypted VPN are the protected server and another team computer.

Is this possible, and if so whats the easiest way to get it done quickly?

Thanks alot guys, hopefully I can hammer this out soon final is in 2 days!

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