school grades database with MS access

By sainttikai ·
hi , i'm relatively new to access. I am trying to build a database solution for a local highschool.
i'm having trouble with storing history (grades etc of 2007) of the students when they move to the next class (2007-200..

help please......

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dates calculated

by john.a.wills In reply to school grades database wi ...

Do not store grades by year but by class. Assign each student to a cohort of all students due to graduate in a particular year(or who started school in a particular year). You can then calculate the year of a particular grade for a particular grade from the cohort year and the class of the grade. At the moment I am not sure how you should handle repeat years.

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You need the year...

by CEHinman In reply to dates calculated

I don't see how to have a history without the year... Not too hard. You probably have your "Students" table. You will have several other tables..."Classes","Grades","year"... so on.
I would have a table for "ClassDetail" consisting of fields.. "DetailID"(pk),"Year"(dropdown from a year table),"Class"(dropdown form class table), and "Grade"(dropdown from a Grade table)maybe more fields depending on your needs. All records would include a year...thus allowing you to filter by "StudentID and YearID.

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