School Networking Needs

By mrcham ·
CURRENT: I have 70 computers in a grades k-5 environment running mostly XP Pro, some XP home and a few Win98 and Win95s. Currently they access a Novell 4.11 file server and only use it for common file needs. But its getting old and slow.

AVAILABLE: I have a PowerEdge 840 with no OS on it. I have the Novell 6.0 software and license to install it on the box but it needs some HAM storage drivers for the SATA drives. So it stops me from going any further.

QUESTION: What can I do with this?
1. Install MS Server 03 or 2008?
(will MS Home being able to run programs and copy/write files to the server?)
2. If I can install Novell that would be the least amount of work at the client stations.
3. Create a Linux server but then how do the XP machines access the files? Is there a login client?

I know there is much I haven't said but lets start here and I'll fill in the blanks as I go.

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Install 2003 or 2008

by robo_dev In reply to School Networking Needs

Home server is very limited, such that you cannot install DHCP, DNS, or WINS without violating the EULA.

As a CNE, I say, with regret, to move on to Windows.

A Linux server would work, but my experience has been that there will always be an application that needs Windows to run.

While the Samba application offers the equivalent functionality of a Windows workgroup with shares and so forth, there is Samba version 4 which is a Linux version of Active Directory.

A Linux server such as Amahi or ALT Linux School are worth a look...

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Not Home Server.

by seanferd In reply to Install 2003 or 2008

The issue was "home" edition client OSes connecting to the server.

In which case, the issue would be forcing GP on, e.g., XP Home. Since GP is obviously not in use now, it shouldn't be an issue. Especially since 95 and 98 have no provisions for this either.

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I've set up lots of samba servers in k-12...

by tbmay In reply to School Networking Needs

...If you choose to go the linux route, and need some help, let me know. I'm close to you.

Collapse - Linux the primary server, or is there still a Windows box?

by robo_dev In reply to I've set up lots of samba ...

I've seen lots of Samba boxes in environments, but never 'just' a Linux box.

The reason for asking, is to find out what sort of security is being used for the Samba servers. How would you handle having a bunch of XP workstations getting authenticated to Samba shares?

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