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School permissions issue, help Please.

By kazanti ·
Set up: Windows Server 2003, ADS and Group Policy in place, Windows XP SP2 on all workstations, Office 2003.

What we wish to accomplish: Create a folder owned by a Teacher with a subfolder inside called ?Drafts?. Allow students to drop an office document (Power Point Word et. all) into the folder. The teacher needs to be able to mark up or edit the document and not take ownership from the student, as the teacher has more rights on the network than a student would. Other students would need to be disallowed from viewing or editing the document to eliminate copying and cheating. Then the student (original owner) needs to be able to make the changes necessary and resubmit.

Issues so far (what I?m asking for help on): Word (and other office suite products) creates a temp file as the teacher edits and saves over the original, thus transferring ownership to the teacher. The student then has no rights to the file unless we open up the folder (less secure) or touch every individual doc and give the specific student rights to the document (not logistically practical).

So what I?m asking is: How would you set this up? What permissions would be needed? Is there a simple way to set this up that I have overlooked?

Note: I let off the permission structure we are using currently so that I could see fresh ideas and insight before poisoning the well with the way we set it up (that is not working obviously).

Thank you in advance for any and all help, this one has us (and the reps we?ve called at Microsoft) perplexed for some time.

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by bschaettle In reply to School permissions issue, ...

*Use email*

Student emails draft to teacher, who marks it up and returns it. Student makes changes and sends final version back to teacher. Added bonus: all versions are saved in the Sent Items folder.

Another possibility is to give the teacher access to each student's private network storage. Set each student up with a folder called "Drafts" Another great solution is to map everyone's "My Documents" folder to a folder in their network storage area. Backing up the network will back up everyone's documents. When a hard drive crashes, no one's work is wiped out.

Having all the students drop their documents into a common folder is not a workable solution.

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by kazanti In reply to

Thank You for taking the time to respond.

E-Mail works with secondary students, although it is cumbersome and inconvenient in my opinion. This is unacceptable though for the elementary level students doing a power point mothers day slide show unfortunately.

Teachers having access to the students folders is doable and may be a short term solution yet again this is inconvenient for the teacher as in the secondary level they would need to maintain a consistent file structure for each class.

All users already are mapped to their network share through log in scripts and backup?s procedures are consistent.

The end goal still remains the same. We map a network share to [yourbuildingshare] then inside have a folder for each teacher. Within this have a "Homework" folder that allows the students to drop a final project in but not have access to this. The teacher has full access. Also here have a "Drafts" folder, thus the student can have access to an edited or marked up document from any lab in the school or VPN.

The rights issue is what we can't seem to get around.

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by echiasson In reply to School permissions issue, ...

Let me get this right you want them to be able to create in a folder but not modify ? or be able to just drop a file in a folder and not see any thing ?

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by kazanti In reply to

We want them to retain ownership of the files that they place in the folder. Student makes a word doc, teacher makes suggestions (to wordy etc.), student opens file and makes changes.

The issue is that when we set file security so students have rights to only the files they create, the teacher makes the edit and becomes the creator of the doc, and thus the student loses rights to edit the document as the teacher is now the owner.

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by BFilmFan In reply to School permissions issue, ...

This is not possible as the security permission to create folders will grant them the right to modify them.

You will need to install a Windows Digital Rights Management server and Certificate Authority to accomplish your goal.

The better solution is to grant each student a home folder with a sub-folder named Drafts. Then grant the teacher permissions to that folder.

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by kazanti In reply to

Mapping the multiple folders to the teacher would be the challenge with the second solution. I'm trying to get a vision of the structure in my head. i.e. we have 8000 students 2000 plus in secondary each student has a userhome, each teacher with a userhome and a share space for each building. All located in one SANS.

For a teacher to access the individual student folder they would need to navigate to \\[server]\[studenthomes]\[studentusername]\[drafts folder] for each student. I would like to make this simpler if possible for the individual teachers.

The original goal of a centralized place for the student and teacher to collaborate on the project is sounding like it is not workable without a new server and product implementation. This is what I?m hearing.

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