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    School server stuff up!! (Gr.11 — IT Student)


    by lawgrin ·

    At my school we seem to be experiencing three problems with our server/network.

    The first is that while working on the PC there the connection kicks out and we need to reconnect.

    The second is there are 9-10 in the class that directly work off the server. So when we need to move files only 5 at a time may do so to maintain speed else the network slows down quite alot.

    The third is the server is now runing ms office 2003. All workstations use office directly off the server. For short durations (randomly) there will be a lapse in speed.

    Network setup:
    Server is running Windows 2000 server.
    Workststions are running Windows 2000 straight from the server.
    Workstations themselves are running Widows 98/95 and are p2(vary in speed).
    We use ethernet cables to connect to the network (using a star topology).
    Use a switch (as stated by teacher) but i think we use a 100mb Hub.

    Problems caused by:
    First Prob: Don’t really know (need help to identify and fix)
    Second Prob: Ram in Server itself is too low as well as CPU power (unknown amounts to me).
    Third Prob: High Performance program low grade equip.

    Need help with:
    Finding other causes and fixing them

    All help and any tips will be greatly appreciated.

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      by lawgrin ·

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      by fregeus ·

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      Your first problem could be caused by power saving settings that turn off power to the network card if not use after some time. It could also be cased by problems on the Switch/Hub.

      Problem two and three could be explained by the use of a Hub versus a switch. If you have a switch, all workstation have 100Mb to the server. If you have a Hub, all workstation SHARE the 100Mb to the server. Big difference. The duplex setting is also very important. If traffic is heavy (like it seems to be in your case) there are probably tons of collisions and retransmissions which slows down the network even further.

      Find out if you have a Switch or a Hub first. If Hub, move to change to a Switch. If switch, check speed and duplex settings. I recommend 10 Mb full duplex for workstations and 100 full duplex for server. That may not give your more speed, but it should give your constant speed.

      Check the CPU usage on the Server. If its constantly over 70%, time to think about a new one. Check RAM usage also.

      Those are my recommendations with the information you have supplied. Good luck.


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        Switch or Hub does not matter.

        by 1bn0 ·

        In reply to Well.

        There is only one server with one 100MB connection going to it.

        A switch would help if different workstations were accessing DIFFERENT servers. Traffic from workstation 1 to Server 1 would not be transmitted to other workstations or servers on the same switch.

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          See you are spoiled :-)

          by ic-it ·

          In reply to Switch or Hub does not matter.

          You get to play with the expensive toys. 😉
          That would be true for an active hub. They are likely to have a passive hub. That would result in any incoming traffic going out on all connections, resulting in collisions and congestion.

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      Good job with question layout.

      by shasca ·

      In reply to School server stuff up!! (Gr.11 — IT Student)

      I was unaware that you could launch Office directly from a remote Box without Terminal Services/Remote desktop ETC. Microsoft Developments says.

      Using Office as a service component on a network server may reduce the stability of that computer, and therefore may reduce the stability of your whole network.

      Forgot to add that local install to each workstation would help performance immensely. But I don’t think 2003 will run on 95/98.

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