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School Studant need advice!

By youngson ·
Help, im stuck in my career choice, i want to be in the computer industry, im currently in a higher computing course, then i will be doing an advanced higher computing course. I also take higher maths and chemistry, soon i will be taking higher English. Higher is the scottish version of the english A levels. Im thinking about becoming a computer analyst and i want to go to university. However i seek a job that is well paid. Please email with job suggestions, aswell as the entry qualifications.

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experience is the key

by ross.bale In reply to School Studant need advic ...

Career choice would I believe depend on your bias - eg I have more skills/ability doing technical support and server/network support rather than programming - if you have a natural ability or talent in this area, then use it.

That said, the key thing with IT jobs is experience & qualifications - most employers look for both. Get as much experience as you can even if it is for a charity donating your spare time, unpaid work experience, saturday job etc,etc. Just get as much experience on as wide a variety of systems as possible and try not to narrow your options too far by specialising in a particular product or subject area too early on in your career. Armed with both a wide range of qualifications and experience, you should have no problems - make sure that you also develop your "soft skills" such as communication, presentation, leadership as well as technical skills - most managers or management material lack presentation skills.

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Career advice

by JamesRL In reply to School Studant need advic ...

I am a manager with 20 years in the industry. I've worked for small companies, as an independant and for Fortune 100 companies.

And I will tell you that focussing on money is the WRONG perspective. A couple of times in my career, I've taken pay cuts to get into a good situation where I can learn and grow. I haven't regretted it. And in the end, my learning and growth enabled me to make more money.

The best advice, and its not mine originally and applies to more than just IT; Find out what you love to do, and find out how you can get paid to do it. Because if you truly enjoy your work and are good at it, the money will follow - not always immedicately, but in the end.

If you really enjoy math, you will probably enjoy programming.


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Outstanding Advice

by maxwell edison In reply to Career advice

I have nothing to add except, I second that sentiment.

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Do what you find passion in

by SkipperUSN In reply to School Studant need advic ...

A rich man is one who finds a job in what he finds passion in. If you enjoy the logic of programming - and the challenge of development of nothing to something - then University is the way to go.

If you find that support - Linux, Microsoft or Cisco is your passion (Networks and OS's)then certification is the way to go.

But do something that you have a passion for -

If you need experence I don't know that much about the British military - but American young people get a great experience in electronics or technology or computers - in 4 years. And that experience goes far... I know someone will call me on it - but it is some of the best experience you will ever get... just get the job definition in a contract...

But find passion - and you will enjoy getting up and working every day..

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