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Scientific Proof - Wednesday coffee break

By drowningnotwaving ·
from that esteemed follower of science Rupert Murdoch, in his authoritative journal the Daily Telegraph in Sydney:,23599,20839758-2,00.html

But then in my exhaustive research on the topic I found this:

But I did find out that Hyde County South Dakota is the world HQ for Pin Tail Ducks, so the research wasn't all in vain.

Anyone learn any other important facts today?

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I love it

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Scientific Proof - Wednes ...

Testosterone makes men deaf to logical arguments by women.

Eh ?

That particular hormone doesn't make us deaf, we were thinking about something else and it's well known fact men can't multi-task.


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That's right!

by NickNielsen In reply to I love it

Only enough blood to run one or the other. :^0

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My wife takes some of the pressure off the others of her gender

by DMambo In reply to Scientific Proof - Wednes ...

I can guarantee you that my wife is waaaay over the average number of words on a daily basis. So, if any of the TR ladies feel a need to clam up for a while, my lovely bride is there to pick up the slack.

I notice that the Oxford prof cited in the article is not actually quoted...a lesbian perhaps?????

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by Jaqui In reply to Scientific Proof - Wednes ...

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