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SCO Inode 100% used problem

By Matt H ·
We have an interestin problem with a SCO Openserver 5.5 box. We have a partition that hold a lot of data in several million very small files,uses about 54% of the partition disk space and 19% of the inodes. We tried mounting a Windows2000 NAS box (Dell 725N) running NFS services on the SCO box to copy these files, but started to experience problems - firstly that the SCO box spontaneously rebooted with the NAS attached, but now every now and again, and it can be weeks apart, or could even be twice on the same day, we get the inode usage shoot up to 100%, some 13 Million inodes dissapear almost in an instant. We haven't seen any gradual build-up, and a reboot brings it back to 19%. There's nothing in any of the logs, and nothing that uses that partition that creates any temporary files, nothing that we can think of. We suspect some form of corruption on the FS, but are having trouble unmounting it and reformatting that partition. Scoadmin not being too helpful.

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by Matt H In reply to SCO Inode 100% used probl ...

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by ifmsystem In reply to SCO Inode 100% used probl ...

I do not think the problem is with the filesystem but with NFS (server/client). Try disabling/stopping NFS and see what happens.

If I am not mistaken, when you mount the windows box, the content of the monted drive is now part of the inode count.

Try stopping nfs or change its mounting point and see if the problem follows nfs mounted filesystem ... this should proof or disproff nfs as the root cause.


Jose Lerebours

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by JayAllen In reply to SCO Inode 100% used probl ...

What process creates the files? Can you run truss against the process(es)? Could be that the process is not closing files. Also, make sure that you are running the correct nfs version (2/3).


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