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    sco unix


    by heckel ·

    I need to Know how to install SCO UNIX on
    a system runing win98 and NT Server 4

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      sco unix

      by mckaytech ·

      In reply to sco unix

      Do I understand that you want to install SCO Unix on a single box so you can choose any one of the three at boot time?

      If so, that would be a new one on me, but I would think it can probably be done if you have unpartitioned space on your hard drive on which you can create the SCO partition. Unfortunately, that kind of install is not what SCO has in mind for their product and the tools supplied don’t facilitate that kind of install (unlike Linux) so you’ll probably have to use a third partyboot manager (e.g. System Commander).

      Might I offer another suggestion? If you could afford another hard drive and two mobile racks, you could just swap out the drives when you wanted to change OS. I find that works better than multi-booting for the kind of testing and development work I do.



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