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Cluster Management

by muralidharan.raghavan In reply to Scrathbook

<li>Error message:<br />
       p4_error: semget failed for setnum: 0<br />
This means that the maximum number of allowed semaphores on the
master node has been created, and the program you are trying to run
cannot allocate a new semaphore for inter-process communication. This
can happen when somebody has been testing software that does not exit
properly, leaving semaphores and shared memory segments allocated.<br />
If the leftover semaphores are owned by you, it can be fixed by running the following two commands:<br />
<strong>Run on each machine:    <em>/opt/mpich/gnu/sbin/cleanipcs</em></strong><br />
<strong>Run on the cluster root:  <em>cluster-fork /opt/mpich/gnu/sbin/cleanipcs</em></strong></li>

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Linux Tips

by muralidharan.raghavan In reply to Scrathbook

<strong>!! - </strong>This will execute the last command from history file.<br />
<strong>!<char> </strong>- This will execute the last command from history, starting with <char><br />
<br />

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Linux Administration

by muralidharan.raghavan In reply to Scrathbook

<ul><li><strong>du -Lk <path>: </strong>This will give the disk usage statistics for the path.</li><li><strong>
rpm -i mpi*rpm:</strong> This will install the given RPM file.</li><li><strong>
/etc/init.d/iptables status:</strong> This will give the status of the iptables in the system.</li><li><strong>
/opt/rocks/sbin/create-account -c "Asif Rahaman " -d /export/home/weland/rahaman -g 380 -s /bin/bash -u 24855 rahaman: </strong>Create an account in Rocks for user Asif Rahaman and given directory.</li><li><strong>cluster-fork <cmd>: </strong>Runs the command in every system on the cluster.</li><li><strong>
diff <file1> <file2>: </strong>Finds and lists the difference between the files.</li><li><strong>scp chaffin@antaeus.hpcc.ttu.eduhome/chaffin/bash-test .:</strong> Secure Copy from one remote location to another.</li><li><strong>find . -name "chaffin" -print: </strong>Used to find the file with name chaffin.</li><li><strong>rsync --archive --rsh=/usr/bin/ssh ./post </strong>Move the archive post to another system hrothgar.</li>


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