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Screen Blanks shortly after power up

By rbaggayan ·
When powering on the PC, the screen is fine for about a minute. Then the screen goes blank and the power indicator on the monitor turns from green to amber. All indicators on the PC indicate everything is OK. No spare monitor to switch to. Running an AMD XP 1800, 1gb RAM, an 80 and 120 GB hard drive, CDROM, DVDRW, LAN PCI card, and Windows XP Pro. I am leaning towards a bad or incorrect power supply.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Screen Blanks shortly aft ...

It could also be a flyback transformer, which increases the voltage to the electron gun, could be going bad.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to Screen Blanks shortly aft ...


Try reseating your video card, particularly AGP type.

Also check that cables are properly inserted.

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by OTL In reply to Screen Blanks shortly aft ...

And this started happpening after adding ?

Try unplugging the last thing you added. If PC boots fine, your PS is not heavy duty enough to handle the additional load/or is failing. Upgrade PS.

Per above could also be a problem with video/monitor. Try booting into safe mode F8, then check in settings -> control panel -> system -> device manager for any yellow ! or ?, delete them and reboot normally.

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by rbaggayan In reply to Screen Blanks shortly aft ...

I left out some very important events.
Computer is operating normally.
Suddenly, it turns off and won't power up again.
Suspect Power Supply failure, replaced PS with an identical PS. Then the problem appears. Sorry, I should better. Can't get good help without providing all the information.

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