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By entawanabi ·
Over the weekend a screen exploded on someone locally!


First they'ed been in and out of the harddrive cutting out DRIVERS; What is a driver? A driver is an operation that is at a particular amperage and voltage in the harddrive medium, what happens is that YOU go down into the medium and actually cut a piece of it free and then strip it free of its energy pattern, move the pattern up into the screen and attach it to something and now the screen system powers it and CHARGES it. The medium? It is dead, we tested two cups of it on the bottom of the screen case, totally dead - Ohm Meter.

Now, the next participant is operating VOLUMNE, We go down into the chips and take some of that and move that up into the screen! BAWHAM!!

I actually don't know nor could I find out what that amperage or voltage is, but it aint screen stuff that's fer sure.

What you are doing: First, what it is like in a chip, a memory type chip, We took a whole lot of reams of paper boxxes and orderly squished them into a space that is to small for them even squished, what's worse is that they are all neat and unwrinkled, Now you went down into the chip and took a bunch of boxxes and moved them up into the screen, they aren'nt as small as tey used to be and the little piece of chip they are a part of slowly discharges and then falls to the bottom of the screen box. One day you finally have enough of them at the bottom to get into the charging sphere, you've stirred it all up or you moved enough pieces into the screen for the charger to load and the screen explodes, another variation is that the boxxes in the chip expand suddenly to full size, BAWHAM! Cathode Ray Guns(CRT) are real good for this as the are useing a totally different energy than was used where the stuff came from.

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by Dr Dij In reply to SCREEN EXPLOSIONS

Maybe you could make this into a personal defensive device. The person carry's around their PC and a CRT screen, then triggers this explosion by (moving the 7 boxes of paper onto the screen? - wasn't quite clear on that part).

Maybe you could substitute di-lithium crystals, strip them free of their energy, move it up to the screen. Add a charging sphere like you said, maybe like that spinning globe on the Angelina Jolie movie (can't remember the movie's name but I remember her :)

Well, I guess it doesn't sound portable, but if you put it at the South Pole, maybe you could shoot down some Ga-oulds like Anubis if he comes to wipe out the Ruskies. and (whispering - hey, maybe you can get me some of whatever it is you're smoking)

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I'm Sure

by entawanabi In reply to Whoa!

I'm sure that the maimmed and mutilated appreciate your comments

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That was

by Dr Dij In reply to I'm Sure

fairly lucid.
you didn't answer my question.

people are questioning whether you are a nut case.
I'm saying you probably are a non-native english speaker and this is garbling your replies to the point of making them un-intelligible..


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