Screen Magnification

By brian ·
I have 3 screens hooked up to a computer system and need to display different information to each screen. Each screen is showing a call viewer for a different department, therefore the screens must be an extension desktop setup. I need a program which will allow me to select a portion of each of the screen and zoom in on it. The microsoft built in magnification utility works great if we were only using 1 screen, but with three screens, this is not an option. Does anybody have any suggestions out there. Thank you!

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RE: "screens must be an extension desktop setup" ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Screen Magnification

Why MUST the three screens be an extension desktop setup?

Why don't you run a separate desktop in each screen?
What spec of graphics card do you have installed?
How many PCI slots does the motherboard have?

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by brian In reply to RE: "screens must be an e ...

The graphics card we are using is an ATI card with 4 DVI-D outputs on it VIA 2 dongles (I am unsure of the ATI card model at the moment). The system only has 1 additional pci slot available to use, but installing a graphic card into that slot may cause the card to overheat as there is not a lot of room in the case left. I am unsure about running a seperate desktop on each screen, if you can do that in windows xp pro that may be the best answer! I will take a look at that option as well.

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Multiple Desktops

by Bruce Epper In reply to Screen Magnification

You could try UltraMon. It should meet your needs.

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