Screen problem...

By yusduks ·
when i start my laptop my screen goes plane showing nothing. sometime the windows does start but during my work, same thing happen. what is the possible cause for this... is it a problem wit ma operating system or its a hardware problem???

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When you say 'goes plane' do you mean goes all white or all black?

by robo_dev In reply to Screen problem...

if the screen goes dark, then most likely there is a hardware problem, although a screen saver could do this as well.

If it goes all white, then also a hardware problem, such as a faulty internal display adapter.

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Depending on what you mean by

by OH Smeg In reply to Screen problem...

my screen goes plane showing nothing

It could be either.

If the screen is just showing the Blank Desktop it is possibly a Corrupt Video/Display Driver and this is the most likely if the POST Screen appears correctly. If that is the case and this is a Windows OS start in Safe Mode by pressing the F8 Key between the POST Screen and the Windows Splash Screen with the Moving Bar. Then using the Arrow Keys highlight Safe Mode and press enter.

However if you see no POST Screen then you most likely have a Hardware Problem that depending on who made the NB could be a Overheated and damaged/destroyed Video Card to something as simple as a Broken Ribbon Cable between the M'Board and Display. It's also possible that the Backlight & or Inverter for the Screen has died.

But it is equally as possible that the Display proprieties have been set too high and the Monitor can not display the Desktop at the Set Resolutions.

So post back with the Make & Model of the NB to see if a Recall has been issued or you could check with its maker on their Web Site.

OH BTW the POST Screen in the case of a NB is generally the Makers Logo which should display when the NB is first turned on.


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