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    Screen Protectors or Tempered Glass?


    by Peter_Johnn67 ·

    I have an iPhone and I have been using a Screen Protector Film for my Screen, but Im wondering if I should switch to a Tempered Glass instead? I like my current Screen Protector cause its Matte and also has self-heal and Its not that I dont find the protection sufficient enough but lately, Ive been getting multiple suggestions to switch.
    I would like to know the specifics.

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      Tempered for the Screen, Screen Protector for the Body

      by praaveenkumar32 ·

      In reply to Screen Protectors or Tempered Glass?

      I personally use a combo that has a Tempered Glass for the Screen and Screen Protector Film for the Sides, Top, Bottom, Back and Camera. It feels much better to have all my device protected like this.
      Why I prefer TG over a Film is cause I drop my phone multiple times, and all damage tends to get absorbed and reflected on my Tempered so my screen stays safe all the time. The X-Glas Ultra *so they call it* is made of Corning Glass so I guess its the best protection you can ask for from a Tempered.

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      Reply To: Screen Protectors or Tempered Glass?

      by Kefian ·

      In reply to Screen Protectors or Tempered Glass?

      Both screen protector films and tempered glass protectors have their pros and cons.

      Screen protectors, like the one you’re currently using, are generally thinner, cheaper, and can have specific properties like a matte finish or self-healing abilities. However, they might not offer as much protection against serious drops or impacts.

      On the other hand, tempered glass protectors are more durable and offer better protection against high impact drops. They tend to have a better feel, similar to the original screen, and usually provide superior visibility. The trade-off is they’re typically more expensive and may be more reflective.

      I usually go for tempered glass because it’s more reliable.

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