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By Tyharo ·
Recently i have had a request from one of my friends to record myself playing a game and I have been doing some thinking on if there is a better way to record my screen without impacting my pc's performance.
I have used fraps but have had troubles with it on a performance level.My question is, is there a way to record my pc games without any performance impact or is there a way I could record one computer using another computer?

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What do you use for a screen? Monitor or TV?

by seanferd In reply to Screen Recording

If you use a TV, you could just set up a DVR/VCR to capture this.

You could probably run a screen capture over networked computers using Remote Desktop (assuming Windows), but this may yet have a steep performance impact as well.

Most game video I've ever seen is captured with a cellphone camera, usually poorly, because they just didn't try, and you can still tell what is going on.

You could get a cable splitter for whatever you are using for video out (VGA, HDMI, whatever) and pipe that to a recording device.

You can try fraps or whatever capture program at a lower frame rate or quality.

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Reponse To Answer

by juliet2011 In reply to What do you use for a scr ...

yes, you can try this <a href="">video downloader</a> to make a video of yourself playing a video game on screen. This program will support capturing footage from screen. Just drag your mouse to select the recorded region.

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FlashDemo Studio

by kikidelivery In reply to Screen Recording

You can try FlashDemo Studio

It is intended for recording activities in your pc and aslo sound

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