screen resolution problem

By wordmaster1 ·

I am working on an older computer with an nvidia vanta vid card running 98SE. I have used the WD utility to copy from an old drive to a new 40 gig drive.

It boots, everything works fine with the exception of the screen resolution. The color settings work fine, sets at 32 bit with no problem.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the vid card. No change.

It is set on VGA 640x480 and simply will not move. Any help appreciated. Thank you.


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Perhaps 1st a BIOS update; 2nd a OEM video driver

by dm3haggitt In reply to screen resolution problem

Perhaps there is some conditional drive/video BIOS bug that has been patched. Look for a BIOS update.
Sometimes when plug and play sees the new hard drive (or any new device) it will also see an old device in a new way (for some strange reason). The Vanta video card series had many OEM drivers. It maybe that you will have to visit the driver archives for your manufacturer's website and get your card's specific driver. For example, the Gateway Vanta cards have a sticker reading PN:600xxxx. You can then go to the Gateway support page and enter the part number on their search and get the exact driver.
Also you may want to try using 16-bit color and see if it will let you move the resolution up to 800x600 in the meantime.
Let us know if you need any help with any of this.

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Agreed, I was going to mention the BIOS

by w2ktechman In reply to Perhaps 1st a BIOS update ...

but you beat me to it.
I had this problem with a projector on a new system. I have 3 systems it worked fine on and 1 would only show 800x600. A BIOS update fixed it.

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Device Manager

by gsquared In reply to screen resolution problem

I've seen this happen before, and I'm trying to remember how I've fixed it. Try this:

Check the device manager. See if it says the device is working correctly and has the right drivers. See if it's identified the card correctly. See if it's identified the monitor correctly. (Windows may think your monitor is VGA instead of SVGA, in which case it would only offer 640x480.)

If the card shows as not functioning correctly in device manager (from control pannel or from My Computer -> Properties), see about forcing the driver on it.

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You got it right

by wordmaster1 In reply to Device Manager

I had the latest bios, the device manager showed OK, even dxdiag showed OK. After reading your post I checked the monitor and it showed "default monitor". This usually works fine, but I decided to set it up for the brand and model. That is what it needed. Works fine now. Thank you all for your help.


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I'm glad gsquared got it for you!

by dm3haggitt In reply to You got it right

gsquared has sound advice!

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Steps to Check

by TheChas In reply to screen resolution problem

If this is an AGP card, start in BIOS setup and make sure the AGP aperture is set to at least 2X video RAM, but not more than 1/2 of system RAM.

Next, make sure that the Windows 98 version of the AGP mini-port driver for the chip-set on the motherboard has been installed.

For PCI or AGP:
Make sure that you have the Nvidia and not a Microsoft video driver installed. You don't need a driver newer than 2002 for this hardware.

Finish up by making sure that the correct monitor is detected or manually set up.

For that matter, make sure that the monitor supports the desired resolution.

One final thought, how much RAM is on this Vanta card?
If is is less than 8MB, it may not support a resolution of more than 640 * 480 in 32 bit mode.


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