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    Screen Resolution


    by katerina mohammed ·

    Recently bought a ex business computer whereby everything had been deleted by their It guys, now when it turns on it states reboot and select proper boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot Device – I have tried to load Windows XP Home Edition as it has a COA on the side, it loads window no problems but the screen resolution is on low and the display screen colours are not great, and the screen resolution can not be changed???? Can you give me some idea what I need to do to fix this???? Desperate.

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      by katerina mohammed ·

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      You need to install the Video Drivers

      by oh smeg ·

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      Windows XP by default doesn’t install all of the required drivers unless you have a Slipstreamed Image for that particular Hardware.

      After you install Windows you need to install all of the required drivers. Things like Sound, Video tend to be needed before you connect to the Windows Update Servers where particularly Realtech Audio Drivers will no longer work once you install the initial 2 Apps from the Windows Update Servers.

      To see what is required open the Control Panel, change the view to Classic View if it’s not already that and then double click on Administrative Tools, then when the next window opens double click on Computer Management and finally when the next window opens click on Device Manager. Any Yellow Triangles with a Black mark through it denote required drivers.

      if you are not sure what Hardware you actually have you can use the Unknown Device Identifier available free here

      Once you know what Hardware you actually have you can then Google XP Drivers for it. 😉


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