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Screen Saver Customization

By iddawg ·
I downloaded the Widows 7 Screen Saver Customization tool.
Every time I start the Screen Saver using the tool the Screen Saver starts normally but about one minute into it it goes crazy. Bubble's are appearing so fast it just crazy.
How do I correct the issue.
My OS is Windows 7 32 bit.
Thanking you ahead in this matter,

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by santeewelding In reply to Screen Saver Customizatio ...

They're happy to see you!

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Same problem

by tim.tye In reply to Screen Saver Customizatio ...

I have the same problem - the bubbles are bezerk !

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So Glad it not just me.

by iddawg In reply to Same problem

I was beginning to wonder if it was just me. I'm so glad that someone else had the same problem.

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by seanferd In reply to Screen Saver Customizatio ...

you should check your settings on the Bubbles scr then. Edit: Oops! No speed settings. Does it run normally when the screensaver starts normally, i.e., not with the tool? Then don't start it with the tool - it isn't meant to be a screensaver activation device, but only a tool to access the settings.

And please, folks, when you are referring to a download and/or article at this site, provide links. You certainly aren't the first to fail to provide links, but at least it is fairly clear what you are talking about. In other cases, we have been rendered entirely clueless as to what the post was about.


Oh, and ask questions in the Questions forum. Discussions in the Discussions forum. It can make a world of difference as to whether you get an answer or not.

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No speed settings

by tim.tye In reply to Perhaps

Right, when the screen saver first starts it is ok - the bubbles behave. But after a few minutes it goes bezerk. This is with windows starting the screen saver on it's own and only configured via the tool.

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Ah, OK.

by seanferd In reply to No speed settings

It sounded like the scr was started with the config tool.

I have no guess as to why the scr would speed up so much, but only after running a while.

I'll poke around later and see what I can find.

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by tim.tye In reply to Ah, OK.

This is only when NOT using the custom .hta file. I originally played with the bubbles.hta file and used it for a while and things were fine. I ended up deleting the .hta file ... and now when windows launchs it's bubbles screen saver it ends up going bezerk !

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It was within thirty seconds to one minute.

by iddawg In reply to Ah, OK.

After that it was like looking at a bee hive on speed.

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by tim.tye In reply to It was within thirty seco ...

Same thing here !

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by seanferd In reply to Ah, OK.

Maybe you should use the Contact link at the top of the article and ask Greg Shultz what's up with that. Maybe you'll get a new article out of it.

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