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Screen saver stopped working

By suldenct ·
I am running Windows XP Pro. I replaced a CRT (screen saver was working on that) with a LCD monitor and the screen saver does not work now. I can run it in preview and to eliminate 3D issues I have set it to run the Windows XP screen saver. I also have a Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse. Anyone have any suggestions?

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by lamczyknic3000 In reply to Screen saver stopped work ...

go through the steps again and make sure you configured the screen saver properly. Also check your resolution settings.

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by w2ktechman In reply to Screen saver stopped work ...

When moving to a LCD, many people do not realize that they must manually change the Hz setting on the monitor, along with along with the resolution.
Make sure that the resolution for the monitor is a resolution that your screen saver can use.

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by w2ktechman In reply to

yes this does sound baffling.
Is there a setting in the screensaver which can be used to slow it down, or tone it down a bit. Some screensavers have adjustments on them.

when testing the screensaver, it seems to work, but it does not go on by itself.... this may be a problem with the program. try reinstalling it.

change the time to start to 1 minute, see if the screensaver goes active. If not, look in the event viewer and see if any faults were logged.

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by suldenct In reply to Screen saver stopped work ...

Resolution and Hz are the same as before.
1024x768 @ 60 Hz.

I am baffled. Since I am using this machine as a file server, I may just choose to shut the monitor, but I have never experienced this before.

Adaptor card is a Nvidia GeForce FX 5200.

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by suldenct In reply to Screen saver stopped work ...

By the by, I have another monitor in the other room using the same resolution and Hz and the screen saver works there. Thta's another reason for befuddlement.

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by suldenct In reply to Screen saver stopped work ...

Nothing in the event viewer.
Re-installing is an issue since I'm using WIndows XP screensaver and it doesn't have the option to re-install in Add/Remove Windows components.
For now, I just turn the monitor off when I walk away, but I doubt any of the power down features are taking place either (like turning off disk drives) VERY, VERY Strange.

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I'm having the same issue

by brian In reply to

Did you ever figure out a resolution?

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same problem over here....

by caspar In reply to I'm having the same issue

Also switched from CRT (with XP screensaver working just fine) to LCD, and can't get the screensaver to work anymore. Anyone got any more ideas?

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I had the same problem

by mycrudd43 In reply to Screen saver stopped work ...

I have a wacom graphics tablet, i found that if i took my mouse or pen off of the tablet it works fine

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You solved the riddle!

by digiti124 In reply to I had the same problem


Thank you. You solved my problem with my screensaver not initiating. I unplugged my wireless mouse from my laptop and it now works.This was driving me crazy,,,,

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