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    Screen Shots


    by debyteky ·

    I want to get a screen shot of the Windows SP logon screen. I found the picture in Windows NT a few years ago but I can’t find it in XP. Does anyone know where this is?

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      Print screen

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to Screen Shots

      Can you not just use the rint Screen key beside the F keys?

      Shift print screen copies the whole screen, on it’s own it will print just the active window (or the other way aroud I forget).

      You can also download a host of free scren capture progs at either CNet or

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        Alt/Print Screen

        by lvn ·

        In reply to Print screen

        Pressing the Alt key along with the Print Screen key will capture the active window.

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          THAT’S IT !!

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Alt/Print Screen

          Thanks! 🙂

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          Found a resolution

          by debyteky ·

          In reply to THAT’S IT !!

          What I actually had to do was load Microsoft’s Virtual PC, then load Windows XP on that and then I could the screen shots I needed. I already knew how to get regular screen shots. When Windows is loading, Explorer is not yet active so you can’t use the regular methods to get the screen shot. Anyway thanks to all who tried to help. I do appreciate your time.

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          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Found a resolution

          Thanks for posting back with the resolution, I am glad you figured it out!

          Now if we could only encourage people in the ‘Ask for Help’ forum to follow your lead!

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        Print Screen

        by bjbjesie ·

        In reply to Print screen

        Open the dialog box or whatever screen you want a copy of. Press Alt + Print Screen button. then in the MS word document, press Ctrl + V (to insert) and voila, you have a picture of the dialog box or whatever was open. …. hope that helps. bb

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      by mastaanmanish ·

      In reply to Screen Shots

      check it on —- — or — you can check on any one of this website

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