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ScreenConnect vs. Logmein : ScreenConnect wins for me!

By rsuppes ·
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I had been using Logmein for 4 years. I went through the free phase to the paid phase. I never had much of a problem paying for Logmein, since it just worked and it was what I was familiar with. Then a good friend of my who works in IT introduced me to ScreenConnect. Here is my experience and differences.

Logmein is basically renting the software. It became a utility cost for me. And a High one at that. $2400.00 a year is nothing to dismiss. Especially when we would love to have more than 2 technicians able to use it.
ScreenConnect costs us around 300 per license. And that's it!

Next: Customization. Logmein is what a WYSIWYG. I can fully customize ScreenConnect. I would rather clients and customers see my Support name. It just makes things easier.

Client installation: Logmein at times was frustrating to walk a client through installing. Not all the time, just sometimes. ScreenConnect is as easy as we can ask.

There are really lots of reasons we made the switch to ScreenConnect. Able to process reboots, scripts, meetings, access from all devices with ease, more control over everything.
Now, I know that someone is going to mention hardware. I found it very easy to setup. For the trial I downloaded, I installed it on a plain jane Windows 7 machine. Opened up a port to it and setup a static IP. Done. It worked like a charm. Then a bit later I had a couple year old server laying around that had Windows Server 2011 on it. Installed on there and running within a few minutes. Copied the folder over from the other machine and it was all there.
I urge people that spend tons of money with Logmein to give ScreenConnect a try. There support has been great with the few questions I have had. You will love it.

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by tcrick1 In reply to ScreenConnect vs. Logmein ...

In our case, we've been using SimpleHelp for a few years. It worked well, but was never quick. An update about 6 months ago has made using SimpleHelp extremely frustrating. We regularly get disconnected. It will usually reconnect easily, but causes a time-consuming delay.
We've been running the trial of ScreenConnect. It is easy to use, but most importantly for us, it connects very quickly and has proven to be very reliable. We are in the process of moving all our clients to ScreenConnect.

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by JohnAlmighty In reply to ScreenConnect vs. Logmein ...

We switched from LMI to BeAnywhere since January and we never looked back. It is faster, has more features, more reliable and the support has been better than great.

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