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Screensaver changes resolution

By techgirloftheworld ·
I work for a Help Desk, of a copany that is in the retail industry.

One of our stores called today, and stated that when they deactivate the screensaver on the office PC, the screen resolution changes sizes.

Has anyone ever heard of this happening, and if so, were you able to resolve the problem?

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by robo_dev In reply to Screensaver changes resol ...

I would want to run diagnostics on the monitor... sometimes a flaky video display will shrink or grow depending on the brightness of the picture.

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by TheChas In reply to Screensaver changes resol ...

The short answer is to have them change to a different screen saver.

Some, especially older, screen savers only run at 640 * 480 resolution. When they start up, they reset the system resolution as needed. Sometimes, the system either does not reset to the default resolution when the screen saver shuts down.


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by cabanossi-21666366011136960807907799337173 In reply to

I am seeing the opposite - the (provisional) display is only capable of 800x600 but the screen saver (windows xp, blank screen) causes the resolution to go higher upon reactivation so you only see garbage.
On reboot the resolution is back to 800x600.
- on a new system with windows XPSP3 and Nvidia geforce driver

i'll try the proposed (zklitocook@...) hack:
"set a default screen size in the local group policy"

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by zlitocook In reply to Screensaver changes resol ...

A few questions, dose this happen on all computers, is the screen saver made in house? Could it be that the screen saver adjusts the screen size for itself and when deactivated the computer defauts back to what ever it was installed with?
Try setting a default screen size in the local group policy or in the group policy on the network. Just thinking out loud here.

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