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    Screentearing will not disappear if you forget about that WIN7

    by solkon126


    so I had aproblem for a long time (like more than a year). Whenever I tried to install a system on a new SSD for my computer, I got horrible screen tear. Still using win7, I hate win10 and wouldn’t be happy to learn all the system tricks again. But now, my drive was infected by a Virus, and I couldn’t make any ghost system or a picture of it. I didn’t have any restoring point somehow and now I had to install the system on a new drive whatever the cost. So I tried installing windows official and non-official updates, different drivers (from different release dates),, changing monitors, even tried on both of my graphic cards (GTX 660 and Radeon 6850). No display controller, actually nothing could help me. I looked in the tone of forums and videos, but there was no anwear. Finally, someone mentioned, that Windows Aero helps (somehow) to screan tearing. So, I checked the Windows Themes, but nothing changed. After that, I tried to do something in “Performance Information and Tools” in Control Panel. So, the table with my computer score was set to “0” in Graphic card tests. I clicked “run” and after a moment, when Windows scored my components, everything was fixed. I have no idea how did it work, but really, there was no solution and now it is fixed. So I write about it now, because someone may need it if has have the problems, that I had. Anyway, that took way to much effort, so hope it will help you.
    Have a nice day 馃檪

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