Screwball keypad

By shasca ·
Dell E6500, Windows 7, IE 8. When I type in any browser window, or blog post the curser will just randomly jump back in the message. I have to constantly stop, backspace, and then reassembly my post.
Checked for any new drivers from Dell.
I have tried every mouse setting on the touchpad. I have disabled the keyboard mouse button thingy.

I have no printer installed on this Laptop.

Whatup you guys? It is bizarro

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Can you

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Screwball keypad

disable the touchpad and use just a mouse? That's what I do, with rare exception. Hate them steeenkeen touchpads. X-(

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by shasca In reply to Can you

on my lap. I am using it as I sit in my recliner.

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I use mine from

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Not

an armchair. I hadn't thought about it, but Ron K. gave me the idea. Wide, thick arms on this chair and it works out fairly well.

Recliner might be kind of tough to use a mouse, I do believe. Hadn't thought of that before, either. B-)

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Fuss budget

by shasca In reply to I use mine from

I can't sit still long enough. Gotta be portable and easily set aside.

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Wireless mouse on the side of your thigh ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Fuss budget

No-one has ever insisted that a mouse has to be used on a flat(ish) horizontal surface.

During the hot summer months (What? Hot weather in the Scottish Highlands??!!) I've even been known to recline with my laptop, wherever there's a decent cooling breeze - and use my wireless mouse on my naked thigh, however my leg hairs tend to interfere with optical accuracy somewhat.

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for an anywhere mouse

by .Martin. In reply to Wireless mouse on the sid ...

you can look at a Darkfield mouse from Logitech or a BlueTech mouse from Microsoft. these mice are mean to work anywhere, even on glass.,en

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Or, trackball mouse.

by seanferd In reply to for an anywhere mouse

Requires no movement of the mouse itself.

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What are those Trackball mice like?

by .Martin. In reply to for an anywhere mouse

I've always wondered, but never tried.

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Martin Trackballs

by OH Smeg In reply to for an anywhere mouse

Are easy to use but different. It's just a matter of getting used to one and most of the users prefer them to the more normal Mice.

However quite a few just balk when they first touch one and don't want to know because when they move it nothing happens. They think that it' strange to have to keep the unit still and move the ball. I've seen some people use them as Gaming Devices and they where getting better results in the games than they did with a more normal Gaming Mouse.

However when the people are prepared to get used to Track Balls they never want to go back to the movable Mouse. I find that they are great when I don't want some end user playing with a system when I'm away so I stick a Trackball in to the unit and unplug the mouse. Drives some people nuts.


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Kind of odd at first, but you quickly become accustomed

by seanferd In reply to for an anywhere mouse

My dad uses one, primarily because he has MS and it is just easier if he only has to roll his fingers instead of moving his wrist and forearm.

Drove me nuts, but then again, I'd probably adjust settings on it to suit me. Kinda weird to thumb the buttons on the side (on the Microsoft model my Dad has, anyway.

They do tend to need an interior cleaning occasionally, like traditional mice. (I was going bat$#!+ installing Win 7 for him because the mouse was erratic/non-responsive. Had like 6 years worth of fibrous dust in it. Cleaned, it worked like a charm.)

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