Screwed up our company domain???

By FrogSnot ·
Long story short. We have a domain at work, set up on a Server 2008 machine and I deleted the server's network settings (The IP4 properties, the assigned IP address, the subnet mask, default gateway and DNS.) I wrote all this information down before deleting it, and I put it all back after I was through doing what I was doing. Now all the workstations are very slow to boot up and logon and people connecting remotely can no longer connect. I really have no experience with Server 2008 and I had no idea I was going to screw things up so bad by removing those settings. I thought after I put those settings back everything would go back to normal. WRONG!!! Could use some help before everyone wants to kill me Monday morning. Please help!

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Did you reboot after restoring the network settings?

by Churdoo In reply to Screwed up our company do ...

On a server, sounding like this may be the only server on the Domain, there are so many services that depend on the static IP addy.

At a minimum I would expect, if you don't reboot the server, restarts of the DNS, DHCP, and maybe even restart the SERVER service and let it restart all dependent services.

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