Screwed up

By santeewelding ·

While running midweek updates and light scans -- Security Essentials, SpyBot, Malwarebytes in Safe Mode -- I thought to check on flash cookies, while I was at it, using the Run Command, with:

dir /s * .sol


del /s /p * .sol

I used to do this regularly, like, once a week or so. Then, I got away from it. When, this time, I checked, there were HUNDREDS! of them. Before, there were only a half dozen or so, and I would manually address the, Delete <Y/N>? with y, and Enter.

As I physically wore out the y key and the Enter key with glazed eyes, I knew there had to be a better way to rope them all (*.* ?) and hit just one key.

Got it done. Got out of Safe Mode, only to be greeted with a black desktop and the cursor. When I call up Start, I get no icons next to my frugal selections. Oh, and while in Safe Mode, when I selected Run Command again, it was not to be had.

System Restore worked, after a fashion. I ran it to get a time some hours earlier; it worked; but still a black desktop, cursor gorgeous picture.

I'm running W7Pro [WinVer 6.1 (Build 7600)] by means of a full-install disc some months ago, on an Intel 3.00GHz dual-core with 80-gig Raptor, and an NVidia card.

What have I screwed up this time?


Edited to add: all my Firefox bookmarks are gone, too. I had to get back to TR the hard way.


Restarted. I have my icons back (Thunderbird, Firefox, Command Prompt, and WordPad). Still a black screen, though.

I'm going to bed.

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Bad bad bad Santee

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Screwed up

What about a System Rebuild off the Windows 7 Disc?


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by seanferd In reply to Screwed up

What directory were you in when you did that?

rm -rf, baby.

Although I'm not sure why it would delete anything but sol files (ironic extension, just a bit, in this case), if you don't add the P switch, you shouldn't have to confirm each delete.

[edit: If you posted the command exactly as you used it, it might have been that Space between (*) and (.).

See also use of CCleaner to remove Flash cookies. Better Privacy FF extension will also ask to do this every time you close the browser (unless you configure it not to ask every time).

If you haven't been using the machine a lot, you could try Recuva or Recover Files to get you bookmarks.sqlite back if it isn't overwritten.

Also, in advance of these terrible occasions we suffer, you can back up your FF profile, or parts thereof, with MozBackUp, or with the FEBE FF extension (see also CLEO for additional extensibility).

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I did something similar to what you did Santee...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Screwed up

But that was years ago. It peeved me off no end. Now, i have eight back ups, one full copy of my "C" drive of which i do manually, the other six are for data and pictures.
Now, back to your whoopsie. Your graphic card might be the culprit here. Download the drivers on another computer and install them. Do a repair with your Win7 disk, that should help you out to get you to Safe mode then see if you can install the graphic card drivers there.
Hope you get your system back.
Now, where did i put that back up drive? :)

Ohh, one last thing, if you have over clocked your system you might want to go into your BIOS and select "Load system defaults" and then reboot, it might help you out.

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Thank you, guys

by santeewelding In reply to Screwed up

Just back from the shop area. Trying to undo and redo somebody's work on an old Harley frame. I kept thinking as I worked that the next stop for the frame ought to be a landfill.

I think that is what I must do with my W7 installation -- cyber landfill, as in, wipe and reload.

No big loss. Of the few bookmarks I keep, I regularly cull them to five or six. Nor is there data to speak of. Nor keepsakes. I keep this thing as near to a pure, empty conduit as I can...because I can. Hence, the small drive, only a third of it used.

I was getting used to the black desktop. It was like a pretty view outside a window. After a while it's background and you don't see it anymore. Black is alright.

If the desktop were all, and repopulating bookmarks were all, I'd be fine. Only, now I discover, NoScript and Adblock are gone, too.

You may be right, Seanferd, about that space. I was clicking y/Enter so many times that I was looking away from the screen. When I looked back, I was about five lines into things that decidedly were not sol files.

Everybody look around where you are. No telling what else I caused to happen.

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You wiped your FF profile, at least.

by seanferd In reply to Thank you, guys

And maybe a bit of your Windows user profile.

Good to hear that it won't be a major rebuild for you, but since Windows seems to work, all you might need to do is replace the settings missing from Windows (e.g., choose wallpaper again, get shortcuts back into the Start menu) and reinstall your FF add-ons and set preferences.

Pick settings or reinstall, whichever works better for you. I hope it goes quickly, either way.

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What's the issue with Old Bike Frames

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thank you, guys

Those things should last forever unless that are Chrome Molly and cracked spirally down a tube. Don't ask how I know about that either. :^0

But just thinking about your situation here have you tried creating a new User Account and seeing if it's still the same. It could just be some settings in your User Account which can be replaced and then deleted.


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In the olden days

by santeewelding In reply to What's the issue with Old ...

Harley-Davidson used brazing extensively. Tube junctures, forged appendages -- you name it -- were joined by flame and brass. Many chrome-plated steel wheelchair assemblies nowadays are joined that way, too. In the case of the wheelchair, the plating hides it. In the case of the Harley, the paint hides it.

Steel (iron/carbon) and brass (copper and zinc) are incompatible at the heat of fusion for iron, i.e., 3000F+, when zinc vaporizes. You can watch the crack following you as you try to weld. Every molecule of brass has to be removed if you wish to succeed.

This customer, and a previous owner of the frame, both of whom "attempted" welding repairs, were, um, unaware of what is involved. Not the first time I've seen this.

No user accounts involved, Col. I just create one big C-drive and let Windows have its way with it, while I run in Administrator mode. Then I guard like a junkyard dog against outside evil.

The dumbass evil in this case, though, was me.

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Well to be perfectly honest

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to In the olden days

I avoid Harley type things way to arguricial for my liking. So I've personally never seen one of those Brazed things in my life. Probably this happens because I had to rebuild a 42 WLA Bottom End once and it just wasn't my cup of tea.

Anyway if I was looking at some arguricial V Twin it would be one of the old BSA V Twins of the 1930 era. Far more advanced in design that any Harley ever has been to the current day too I might add. That will upset the Harley owners here and probably make Taminkins delete this post as well. :^0

But every install of 7 has a User Account. It';s just a matter of making a new one from the User Accounts in the Control Panel and seeing if that makes a difference.

I've lost count of the number of times that I've seen corrupt Windows User Accounts cause nasty problems like the one you are describing and the simple fix of creating a new user account makes the owner think you are magic.


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This is a new word for me.

by seanferd In reply to Well to be perfectly hone ...

<i>Arguricial.</i> Can I get a definition? It isn't supposed to be <i>agricultural</i>, is it? :0

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Maybe it's a new word

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to This is a new word for me ...

But it's meant to imply distaste and much worse than agricultural



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