script error on internet explorer

By cnanab1 ·
I am having trouble printing out on my AOL and Outlook Express sites. I keep getting Internet Explorer Script Errors on line 1344. How do I change my settings to allow them to open on Explorer so I can print properly?

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Re: Script error on internet explorer

I have put the answer to your question below, it is a copy from another forum. Hope all works out for you. You will need to go into the "registary" to repair the fault. So back up your computer.

Here it is, but I'd find the key from a reliable machine and get a quality
copy of the file to keep from destroying your system... This is from a W2K Pro OS.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\Interface\{00 00000c-000X0-0000-C000-000




[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\Interface\{00 00000c-000X0-0000-C000-000




[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\Interface\{00 00000c-000X0-0000-C000-000




Please post back if you have anymore problems or questions.

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by seanferd In reply to script error on internet ...

Try this: <br>
Start > Run > Type <i> regsvr32 ole32.dll </i> in the Run box. Hit Enter or click OK. You may need to log off and log back on or restart your system. This will avoid any issues you may have with the other solution. <br><br>

If you want to us the other solution, instead of manually editing the registry, copy everything from <i> Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 </i> to <i> 00000046}" </i> then paste it into a text file. Save it on your desktop. Change the file extension from <i>.txt </i> to <i> .reg </i> <br> Right-click on the file, select Merge from the list. Merge may be the default action (default action is shown in bold) so you can double-click the file if that is the case, but you've already merged it. You will get a message the it has been "sucessfully merged into the registry". <br><br>

Again, regsvr32 ole32.dll is easier, and avoids any possible differences between your system and the one the file came from.

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