script error

By it.haldia ·
Plese help me
how to solve this problem?

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It would be useful

by neilb@uk In reply to script error

If you gave us some sort of information as to what script and what error.


As sarcasm in the written word is often difficult to convey, please read out this post to yourself whilst imagining that I am being VERY sarcastic.

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Hey! You can't change the rules

by maecuff In reply to It would be useful

You've INSISTED over the years that the written word is always irony and sarcasm is spoken not written. What's up with this?

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I am ALLOWED to change the rules. I MAKE the rules!

by neilb@uk In reply to Hey! You can't change th ...

But this time I stuck to the original rule and so I had to ask the OP to read the post to himself in a sarcastic manner.

Closest I can get.


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by maecuff In reply to I am ALLOWED to change th ...

just gives me a headache.

I'm sure you THINK you make the rules. Actually it's kinda cute that you think you make the rules.

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by rob mekel In reply to That

As we all know our dear GG makes them
(she may wish)


ps As I'm very late
"Happy 11.5 month" and more for the comming year

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