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script errors

By jessie2005.may ·
I have windows XP Pro. Whenever I try to download updates (doesn't matter if I am in explorer or Firefox) I am getting script errors that prevent the download. I have gone onto Microsoft and done everything it tells me to do, but cannot get rid of these script errors. Can anyone help me?

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Script Errors

by shhite In reply to script errors

What exactly do the errors say? Need more information.

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script errors

by jessie2005.may In reply to Script Errors

Internet explorer script error
window.parent.getupdates.elevreq is null or not an object.

do you want to continue running scripts on this page It makes not difference if I say yes or no.

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Windows Update..

Run "Windows Update":
"Start", "Windows Update"
Install the updates (Sorry for no detailed explanation here.)
Reboot if necessary.
Repeat until finished.
If you have not already, reboot again.
Run Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer V1.2:
You thought you were done with "Windows Update"? You're not.
I have had some problems with updates that I have already installed that Baseline Security Analyzer indicates I have not. I hope I am not mistaken in the assumption that this is a bug and that I do have all my updates installed.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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have you tryed....

by ---TK--- In reply to script errors

In IE go to "Tools"--> "security" tab and check your security level. I always set mine to Medium-High (default), but sometimes people "play" around in there and set it to high, which can really restrict you... I would try and click the Reset all zones to default level and give that a try.

When you installed firefox there is an option to import IE settings, which would inherit the same issue.

Also If you have any "internet security" programs running that can really screw things up... Those internet security programs remind me of IRobot, the movie... Create a program that will Protect you, but doesn't let you do anything...

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