Script for auto grab file using FTP server

By yana6283 ·
Hi all,

I need to program a script to auto copy all files from a server,and load it to another server by using FTP server.

Is there any programming script that I can used to solve my problem?

Hope that you can help me regarding this matters.

Thanks :)

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Which <acronym title="Operating System">OS</acronym>?

by deity_chooch In reply to Script for auto grab file ...

Which <acronym title="Operating System">OS</acronym> are you using to perform these functions? I have previously created a batch script on a Windows machine to accomplish this, but it was some time ago and I can't remember the specifics. You can use <acronym title="File Transfer Protocol">FTP</acronym> to accomplish it and it shouldn't be too hard, just use the resource provided by absolutely.<br/><br/>

In Linux, I've used `scp` to automatically copy the files, but this requires some playing with the <acronym title="Secure SHell">SSH</acronym> keys. `wget` will work for plain <acronym title="HyperText Markup Language">HTML</acronym> files, but will not retrieve any kind of scripting in the files. I think I have tried using command-line <acronym title="File Transfer Protocol">FTP</acronym> for this as well (`ftp`), and had some issues getting the password accepted. This is the reason I amended my approach to use `scp`, but I can't remember the exact problem I had.

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Windows 2003

by yana6283 In reply to Which <acronym title="Ope ...

Hi deity,

Thanks for your reply.Anyway,im using windows 2003 server.Do you mind to teach me on the batch script. I still new with this matters.Anyway may i know, where shall i run the script.Does it run in DOS platform or other platform?Thanks a lot :)

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Search Google

by deity_chooch In reply to Windows 2003

Sorry, but I cannot remember how I exactly made the script. I think it was just a simple batch script that I had used to get an archived file from the server (the server archived it as a cron job). I'm not really a Windows person and I had to look up how to do this when I was making it over a year ago, so it would be just as easy for you to research it than for me to do so. If you need additional help, I'd suggest searching Google.

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