Script for copying folders with NTFS permissions

By RubberDuck ·
i'm looking for a script (in vbscript) that can copy a specific folder (that i browse for it)
with it's NTFS permissions, to a differnt folder.
the reson being that i have a folder with subfolders and complex uninheritable permissions on it that i need to copy.
i tried using xcopy but it's not that helpfull
since the file names are in hebrew.
can anyone help?

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Check out Robocopy

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Script for copying folder ...

I've used it before and it's pretty good.

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by lowlands In reply to Script for copying folder ...

Robocopy with the /COPYALL switch is probably what would be easiest to use.

You can call the actually robocopy piece from within vbscript by using

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use windows backup

by blazinride In reply to Script for copying folder ...

You can backup the folder, and then restore it to the location you want with the permissions still intact

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Secure Copy can help

by JamesHsh In reply to Script for copying folder ...

This easily can be done with Secure Copy. It has an option to migrate all of the permissions and shares while copying the files. You don't need to recreate them manualy. This tool has a gui interface and you can copy all of the files & folders even the ones with long filenames.

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by patrick In reply to Script for copying folder ...

I wrote a script using xcopy to copy a "template" folder with all the set permissions to a new directory anywhere on the network. It works great and its free.

Here it is, copy it to a text file,replace the names of the folders with your own save the file as xcopy.bat or whatever you want.

xcopy \\Server\Containing Folder\~Template \\New Server\New Containing Folder\New Folder Name /O/X/E/H/K/i

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CopyRite XP is a Good GUI

by dke64 In reply to Script for copying folder ...

I recommend Copyrite XP

I use it on my servers all the time and it is really easy to understand.

Nothing to instll either. Just copy the exe and robocopy to the server and go.

Check out the screenshots and you'll understand.


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