Script to mount Mac share on Windows XP

By todd ·
I have a setup with a Server 2003 Active Directory machine that users log onto and a Mac File Server that several users need access to. I am using a script to mount shares from the 2003 server, but am having difficulty with the Mac share mounting. It is not on a domain, it is set up as a workgroup file server. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with this setup. I did find the following script on Google. I'm wondering if when I actually change it the way I need if it will work.

@echo off
net use K: \\machinename\sharename password /USER:domain\username

Basically, I am using a local IP for the machinename, then the share I want acces to. But let me reiterate it is not on a domain. So lets say I have usernam joe and password ****, then would the following script actually succeed with what I need?

@echo off
net use K: \\machinename\sharename **** /USER:joe

I have a suspicion that it will not work. Does anyone have any other suggestions for this setup? Even if there was a way to create an access point on the Server2003 to the Mac share, but I'm not sure that is possible.

I had also tried to test if I could mount without a password, but WinXP keeps requesting a password even though the Mac shouldn't require it for the user I had created.
Thanks! TC

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I should probably add...

by todd In reply to Script to mount Mac share ...

Also, I forgot to mention, when rebooting or starting up, the XP machine won't mount the Mac share when I manually map the drive and reboot. I tell it to save the UN and PW, but will not reconnect the drive. Which brings me back to wanting a script to run at startup. When we were only a Workgroup, the mapped drives would all reconnect at startup, even the Mac.
Thanks! TC

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