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By azul ·
I am looking for a good online free tutorial on scripting.

I have found MS Tech Net Scripting Center but I am looking for somthing more thurough, Does any one know where I might find one?

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by brandon.aiken In reply to Scripting

The only things I've found more thorough than the MS Scripting Center have been books. Unfortunately, my book are not near me so I can't give you the titles of the better ones I've got. I tend to prefer the O'Reilly books, though. The VBScript one with the dog is OK... the other one I have is way, way out of date.

Finding a book that is recent for VBScript is most difficult. Finding anything at all for JScript is nigh impossible.

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Wrong Question

by CaptainS In reply to Scripting

I think you need to ask yourself ?what do I want to use a scripting language for??

Is it for web dev? then check out php, ruby, python.

Is it for system administration? then check out perl.

Is it for automating MS Office or MS Windows? then check out their scripting site.

And so on and on?

Here is the closest thing you will probably get to an online tutorial on scripting.

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What I am looking to accomplish...

by azul In reply to Wrong Question

What I am looking to acomplish is MS Windows administration and Network tracking, maintenance and troubleshooting.

I am looking for ways to streamline common administrative task in Windows, moving and copying files, deleting duplicates etc.

At work I have recently been recieving request from superiors for information about where particular users are going on the network and what they are doing.

If possible I would like to create a script that retrieves the neccessary information.

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Batch Files And Scripting

by CaptainS In reply to What I am looking to acco ...

Scripting MS Windows administration and Network tracking, maintenance and troubleshooting are very general areas, so I cannot recommend any specific examples other than the ms scripting website.

However for moving files, copying or deleting you can simply use batch files. Do a search for Google on batch files and there should be lost of sites.

Deleting duplicates, this can be accomplished really easily using perl, but there should be examples out there using VBScript on windows (it can probably be done using a batch file as well).

However if you think that you are going to write a script to monitor network activity then you are kidding yourself.

For information about where particular users are going on the network you need to look into network monitoring applications. There are a few open source network monitoring apps on source forge (etherape???) and lots of commercial ones.

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Thank you..

by azul In reply to Batch Files And Scripting

...for all the information and input

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Site and Book

by mcmurray.mike In reply to Scripting

The MS Script Center is the best overall Windows scripting resource I've found. for those that struggle to find it.

I also use the "Windows 2000 Scripting Guide" as a reference for sys admin scripts. It's the best I could find a year ago, but find myself using the MS website more now.

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Scripting Guys webcasts

by Cacafuego In reply to Site and Book

I agree with mcfreak (above). The MS Script Center is the absolute best resource for vbscript/WMI/ADSI scripting on the Web. And the "Windows 2000 Scripting Guide" is widely regarded as the holy book for Windows scripters. (Pretty much everything in the book applies to WS03 as well, so don't get hung up on the W2K title.)

One thing I found very helpful as a beginner was the MS Scripting Guys Scripting Week webcasts. So far they have hosted three Scipting Week events during which a different webcast is held everyday for an entire workweek. Check out the archived webcasts here:

Most are an hour to 1.5 hours in length, so you'll need to set aside some time, but IMO, they're worth the time investment.

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