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Scripting Windows 2000

By olowea ·
Installing the business application we use in my place of work is like trying to be like bill gates: the steps are many anc confusing.

Basically the steps are like these:
1. Map network drive Q & U to some file servers
2. Add & configure some shortcuts
3. Runs some bat files from the share
4. Copy some ini files from the shares to WINNT folder
5. Run some reg files
6. Edit the enviromental variable (PATH) with extra swtiches

How can I write a windows script or an installer that can automate all these steps without user intervention as if a step is missed, the whole installation goes awry.

And mind you, i don't know anything about programming and scripting Windows 2000.

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by JackOfAllTech In reply to Scripting Windows 2000

1. Go thru the process once writing down EVERY command you type in.
2. Using your favroite text editor (probably notepad), type in each of those commands you wrote down and save the file as {whatever}.BAT
3. Go to another PC and test it.


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by olowea In reply to Scripting Windows 2000

Most of the stuff done are through the Windows GUI

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by ctmoore1998 In reply to Scripting Windows 2000

I'm not sure if KIXSTART is included on the 2000 server CD, look under administrative tools for this utility, it is also avail on the internet for download. Read the manual for KIX it will help you achieve all your goals.

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by BeerMonster In reply to Scripting Windows 2000

The problem here is not the installation steps - which are pretty basic for a script, but your lack of scripting experience. I'd recommend a book by Tim Hill - windows NT shell scripting. Get hold of it and then write the script yourself as a learning experience. Scripting will make your life sooooooo much easier - you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

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by Tictag In reply to Scripting Windows 2000

And then when you have your script you can use a ZAP file and distribute you applications using group policy!

Read up on ZAP files and Group Policy software distribution - probably easier than deploying manually!


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by Joseph Moore In reply to Scripting Windows 2000

This is gonna sound similar to "Name That Tune" but I can do 5 of those steps in a BAT file. The Shortcuts would be harder.

I can send you a sample BAT file if you wish. Let me know.

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