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    SCSI CDs detected when they’re IDE


    by mapp84 ·

    I changed my chassis recently, so I took everything out of one and put it in the other. Now Windows XP thinks that my DVD drive, my CDRW drive and my CD-ROM drives are SCSI drives, when they are, in fact, IDE. This isn’t a problem, my CD-ROM and DVDdrives work fine, but because my CDRW is detected as a SCSI CD-ROM, I can’t use the copying facilities. It’s a relatively unknown brand (RWD4224) and it’s a couple of years old so there are no drivers as far as I’m aware (I’ve looked online). How can I get Windows XP to recognise my drives as IDE again?

    Another problem is that my replacement DVD drive makes a grating scraping noise when playing certain DVDs and accessing disks. The DVD spins up, then plays, then at some random point it scrapes and playback stops for a while, then it spins up and keeps playing. When I eject, the drive scrapes again and ejects. Some of the DVDs and CDs now have coarse and rough edges as a result. Is this a physical problem which can be remedied or should I replace the drive (again)? Thanks in advance for your help

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      SCSI CDs detected when they’re IDE

      by 1stladytech ·

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      Your drives are probably actually recognized as ide, but under xp the ata66/100 bus drivers will identify as a scsi device in manager. You could try to delete the bus and devices in question and let the system redetect them again, also check for the 4in1 driver set from your motherboard manufactorer. As far as the DVD drive, sounds as if the drive goes out of balance while it is in use. If it is properly mounted, then it probably needs to be replaced. Good luck,


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