SCSI hard drive Boot Sequence.

By kevinfidler ·
I an unable to force my SCSI HD (only HD in my PC) to boot as the primary boot device.

I have a Asus M2A-VM motherbord with an Adaptec 29160 Controller with a 73GB Segate Cheetah.

Intalled XP Pro with no problems, the setup detected the controller and HD with no issues.

I cannot however; set my SCSI HD as my primary boot device in my bios. My MB bios seems to only support IDE/SATA. If I set my primary boot device as my CD ROM and put my XP disc in the drive upon startup I will get the message "Press any key to boot from CD..." when the time runs out, the HD will boot up windows.

If I set the HD as the primary boot device (or only boot device), I get the message "BOOT DISK FAILURE".

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One for The Chas

by CG IT In reply to SCSI hard drive Boot Sequ ...

Can't remember what Adaptec says in their installation instructions on how to get XP to see it's controller as a bootable device other than to choose "Boot SCSI / Boot Other"

So if you have the boot SCSI or boot other option in your BIOS, you use those.

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How do you expect the BIOS to see the SCSI Drive?

by OH Smeg In reply to SCSI hard drive Boot Sequ ...

It is connected to an Adaptor that has no connection to the BIOS at all. So it remains invisible to the BIOS as as far as it is concerned it doesn't exist as the drivers are yet to be loaded.

As for booting the system all you should need to do is set the Optical Drive to Primary Boot and ignore the rest and the unit should boot from there provided that you have no Bootable HDDs installed that are not SCSI.

If you want to use SCSI Drives to Boot From it's always better to buy a M'Board with Built in SCSI so that the BIOS is expecting to find the SCSI Drives present and doesn't require extra drivers or other software to support the SCSI interface.


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I concur, although ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to How do you expect the BIO ...

I didn't have the bottle to say that last night!

Old age y'know - wasn't brave enuff!!!

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The mainboard BIOS should see the Adaptec card

by CG IT In reply to How do you expect the BIO ...

during a PCI bus scan and assign an IRQ.
What might happen is that the IRQ assigned to the SCSI PCI card is a shared IRQ. This doesn't work well with Adaptec cards.

So if the mainboard BIOS sees the SCSI card and assign an IRQ then the mainboard BIOS boot order should be boot SCSI. That will force the system to look for the SCSI on the PCI bus.

All this is on the Adaptec site under their support pages for the Ultra Wide 160 29160 PCI card.

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Will check those pages out

by kevinfidler In reply to The mainboard BIOS should ...

I have been to the Adaptec site before I went to the Asus site (forums) and then finally to this site for help, I will look at the pages under the heading you have listed before I ask for any more help.

Thank you,

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Visited Adaptec Support Pages (issue not solved)

by kevinfidler In reply to The mainboard BIOS should ...


I Visited the Adaptec Site support pages for the Ultra Wide 160 29160 PCI card, I followed their instructions to turn off IDE hard drive in bios so it won't look for any.
The site did mention the shared IRQ's my Card is the only PCI device in my MB aside from my PCI-e Vga Card (different buses right?)

I downloaded the 29160 manual off the site and setup my Card id (7 default) as it asked.

I visited the Seagate Site and setup my jumpers on my Hard Drive in accordance with the setup manal for that specific HD (ID 0).

I also Used FDISK to make sure my partition was Active, it is.

Now what is confusing me is that I can set my CD ROM as the first boot device with my XP cd in it, if I don't touch anything and the time expires after the message "press any key to boot from CD...." my had drive will boot windows with no further problems.

That is what I have been doing so far. My question is what difference does it make when I spin up my XP cd upon bootup, why only then will my SCSI Hard drive be viewed as a bootable HD?

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction, I have done alot of reading today and now know more then I did this morning.

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can't boot SCSI?

by CG IT In reply to Visited Adaptec Support P ...

so, you can't boot to your SCSI drives unless your XP CD is in the CD drive?

I can't imagine the Asus BIOS not having the boot SCSI or Boot other option in the boot sequence.

The onboard controllers might be ATA/SATA however most all BIOSs I've come across[Award/Phoenix/Chips & Tech/AMI/HP/Dell ]have the boot SCSI option.

note: in the not so distant past, ATA was the standard for X86 architechture and it wasn't until the last couple of years that SATA became the standard. All major BIOS mfgs had ATA as the primary HDD controller. Now though ATA is still the primary controller, BIOS mfgs have SATA controller option with RAID or JBOD for SATA. But all usually have the boot SCSI option.

I looked at the M2A-VM user manual and though it doesn't specifically say use this option for boot SCSI it does have a picture of boot SCSI on page 2-32 [page 75 of the downloadable version]. So if you scroll though the HDD options, you ought to see boot SCSI which should force the BIOS to first scan SATA controllers, then scan the PCI bus for other controllers for a bootable device.

Did you ask on the Asus boards or the Adaptec boards for any directions on SCSI controller cards?

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Will download M2A-VM manual

by kevinfidler In reply to can't boot SCSI?

I find it hard to believe myself, although I cannot find anything what so ever regarding either SCSI or "OTHER" boot devices in my BIOS setup, it does have removeable as an option but that is just my floppy.

I have been at the Asus forums (asus site) and have asked specifically about my motherboard and controller with no success either.

Before I get too carried away I will download the manual and read what you have just read.

Thank you for your time, I very much appreciate it.

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Problem Solved

by kevinfidler In reply to Will download M2A-VM manu ...

SCSI hardware successfully removed, PATA IDE Hard Drive sucessfully installed.

I saw what you were talking about in the manual on PG 75. The only way I could get the heading Hard Drives to appear in the bios boot menu is when I put my PATA HD back in. I enabled the SATA controller but was unable to get the hard drive selection menu as it shows in the manual.

My only concern now is who to sell my scsi hardware to. I've been hitting the Forums for 2 weeks now with the same results. It's over my head. At least I can say I tried.

Thank you for your time, I don't want waste any more of your time you could spend helping some one else.

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drop a line to adaptec seriously

by CG IT In reply to Problem Solved

they know how their equipment is supposed to work with the motherboards. They wouldn't be able to sell their SCSI cards and HDDs unless they worked with the motherboards.

did you install the SCSI drivers during Windows setup when it asked for SCSI and Mass Storage drivers and you pressed F6?

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