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By syed.azeez ·
Dear friends i would appriciate if i get the clear guidelines to Install the scsi hdd for
PentiumIII Compaq system.I have always used
IDE hdd's,and what changes should i made in
BIOS setup.

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by Parbo In reply to SCSI HARDISK

You are not clear whether you're going to an all scsi system or combination IDE/scsi and what operating system you are running.
In case its all scsi you dont have to change anything in the bios. You have to put your card in make sure the drivers are loaded. (not sure what OS you're running but if its win9xME/win2k this is fairly easy since they will load the driver for you if they have a native driver otherwise they will prompt you for a location to load it from. Your scsi harddrive should be on ID 0 since its gonna be the one where the OS boots from.
In case you have both IDE & scsi you have to do the same and make sure the drivers are loaded. The hardrive doesnt have to be on ID 0 if you are booting from the IDE harddrive. Newer Biosessupport the option to specify where you want to boot from ide or scsi and what drive in case you have more then one of each. if you need more info give me more specific information about the setup and i can give you detailed info on how to proceed but this should give you a good idea of what to do.

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