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    scsi hdd boot failure


    by madanmule ·

    we have SCSI HDD which boots with windows 98SE it was server windows 2000 previously since it was not bootint we formatted & tried to re installed Server windows 2000 but it is not booting/Loading,But it boots with windows 98.
    for server installation it copies few files & error message is displayed to run CHKDS/F,we did it but still problem is not solved.Please let us out of this situation.

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      by breydel ·

      In reply to scsi hdd boot failure

      Sounds to me like yopu may not have the Win2000 driver loaded for the SCSI controller.
      During installation (early on), you will have the option to press F6 to provide additional storage drivers – press F6, follow the prompts and provide the drivers for the SCSI controller. Hopefully this will work for you.

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      Reply To: scsi hdd boot failure

      by 3xp3rt ·

      In reply to scsi hdd boot failure

      2 things must verify!
      1. is the scsi controller configured correctly?
      2. you need a floppy with scsi controller’s drivers.
      This you can obtain from controller CD or manufacturer’s site.
      If both things resolved install win 2000 server, pressing F6 key when start the installation.
      This must work!!

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      Reply To: scsi hdd boot failure

      by dzavada ·

      In reply to scsi hdd boot failure

      If you’d like to reinstall the server OS what I would do is go into the SCSI controller and in their you’ll see an option for doing a low level format of the hard drive, sometimes what happens is the Boot sector gets F-up and easiest way to fix it is by low level formatting the hard drive

      NOTE: all the data on the hard drive will be lost forever if you do A level format.
      a low level format will actually write a test pattern across all track cylinders and sectors
      !!!!!!!!!!ALL DATA WILL BE LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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