SCSI replacement

By usedman ·
We have one of the three raid drive that went bad in an HP Proliant ML350. After purchasing the exact drive, shutting down, swapping drives and booting up with the SmartStart CD we get an error message that says the drive is in the wrong position.
What can we do to configure the new drive?

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by Churdoo In reply to SCSI replacement

Did you set SCSI ID's, and you're sure that the replacement drive has a SCSI ID that doesn't conflict with anything else on the SCSI bus? Verify SCSI ID's.

Another possibility, depending on where/how you obtained your replacement drive, it may have data on it and may have been a member of a different RAID-set in a prior life. If this is the case, your RAID controller would detect this and that's could cause this confusion.

You don't need to go into Smart Start, just go into the ROM based ACU, or launch into Windows (assuming windows) and go into the ACU GUI.

You should see your original array with its 2 remaining original members in a degraded state, and you may see a second array with a single member being the replacement drive, either in a degraded or failed state. If this is the case, then delete the array containing only the replacement drive (careful to delete the right one, and by the way, how are your system backups?). Once you save these settings, the replacement drive is erased of its prior membership, and it should be assumulated into your original array.

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Just to clarify SCSI Address/HDD Setting

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to SCSI replacement

SCSI Drives are configured by setting a series of jumpers to a number of between 1 to 7 or 1 to 14 depending on the HDD and SCSI Controller so here you need the old drive that was removed and look at what Number it is set to and then set the replacement drive to the same SCSI Address.

If you still have problems post back with additional Information and we'll see what we can do to help.


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SCSI replacement

by usedman In reply to SCSI replacement

We got the problem resolved.
It was a matter of not following the instructions when replacing a drive. It took doing a hot swap and letting the OS find it and do the replication.
thanks for the information.

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